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Operation Warmth

Operation Warmth Since 1973, Operation Warmth has been helping families across the Upstate bear the winter cold. We provide monetary funds to families who can't afford to keep their heat on for the month, and who would otherwise suffer many frigid nights. Not only have we kept the heat on, but we have helped sustain the health and improve the quality of life for hundreds of thousands since our program's inception. On average, it costs $131.86 to heat a home each month. Just last year, Operation Warmth gave $56,278 to families across the Upstate, heating over 182 homes.

Our campaign is a huge part of the Upstate culture and community, and one of the most amazing parts about it is that we do it all through you. Operation Warmth accepts no government aid. Every single home we heat is funded by donations made by the Upstate community. We at SHARE thank you for supporting one another through our campaign. This year, we expect that even more families will be in need of our services. Our Operation Warmth 2016-2017 goal is $100,000. Together, we can Warm the Upstate.


How many people live in poverty?
18.6% of South Carolina lives in poverty, and 8.4% live in extreme poverty. That's well over 9,000,000 people.

How do you know that the money goes towards people who need it?
We target those who are elderly, disabled, have families with small children, or have an emergency due to a sudden reduction in income. All services are free, and given after screening for income eligibility and certifying the heating emergency.

What do I receive in return for my donation?
Your donation is tax refundable.

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